PowerShift Panel for Leadership Nashville

Leadership Nashville Panel Aerial Ellis Today I participated in the PowerShift panel today for the 2014 class of Leadership Nashville – a great group of highly influential executives and community leaders. We gathered at the First Amendment Center to talk about the move from influencing to creating a community of influencers and being in the conversation real time all the time.

Leadership Nashville provides a three-dimensional view of the city and becomes a bridge connecting people and the issues facing this community. The nine-month program is designed to assist local community leaders in their roles as decision-makers. The course, which begins in September, focuses on issues related to government, media, education, business, labor, diversity, quality of life, human services, health, arts, entertainment, and crime and criminal justice.

Our conversation was an important one, especially when we consider the relationship between government and media which was a topic of focus. My fellow panelists Alexia Poe from the TN Governor’s Office, Kasar Abdullah from Valor Collegiate Academy and Colby Sledge from McNeely, Piggott & Fox. Ronald Roberts, president and chief executive officer of DVL Public Relations & Advertising, served as moderator.


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