Artist Publicity: Is Your Music Ready for Media?

Public relations, music, non-profits, and my hometown Memphis are few of my favorite things. So I was excited to get an invite from Cameron Mann of the Memphis Music Foundation to facilitate a workshop on PR for local artists and industry insiders. Most times, artists aren’t sure how to approach PR from a strategy or representation standpoint. When should they implement a PR strategy? Who should they get to do it? How even?

With Memphis being such a great breeding ground for new artists, it created a perfect opportunity for the foundation to provide resources for those interested in the music industry from all aspects, especially PR. I headed down to the Bluff City and had a great time giving PR tips to the attendees.

Here’s the full presentation via Slideshare.

Memphis Means Music.
Music Means Business.
That’s the foundation’s tag and it’s true. You can’t think of Memphis without thinking of music. Building on that legacy, the Memphis Music Foundation has established a resource center as an interactive, living library and workspace that offers a dedicated staff, tools and resources to help area musicians and music professionals be successful in the ever-changing music industry. Visit the foundation’s website for more info.

One thought on “Artist Publicity: Is Your Music Ready for Media?

  1. Memphis music foundation is the best platform for the new youths.They can promote their music through this foundation.

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