For The Record

The second chance story of Ted Williams, a homeless man whose golden voice went viral, undoubtedly shows the power of social media. He became an overnight success drawing national attention and a wealth of job offers after The Columbus Dispatch uploaded a video of the former panhandler holding a cardboard sign and showcasing his incredible talent on an Ohio roadside. Yet, after a week-long run of being everyone’s favorite comeback kid, an altercation with his daughter at a Hollywood hotel recently led to the arrest of Williams who is also a convicted criminal and recovering addict.

The immediate highs and lows of this story show how media attention can impact a person without a support system. Publicity and sudden prosperity cannot treat real underlying life issues. If anything, attention from media will fully expose the exact personal problems that may have indirectly led someone to a point of notoriety. For the record: In news, a rise is never faster than a fall. I hope Williams gets the support he needs – not just for his career but for his life.

Here’s a great perspective from The Washington Post.

Credit: Kramer/NBC

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